My clients desire to do things for themselves.  Invest in their own power to manifest abundance, to be supported by the universe in making their lives better.  Achieving things that others tell them are impossible.  Utilizing their connection to spirit, they seek the support and information to move them forward on the path of awareness that has found them. We all seek to be more & have more, and these spiritually aware women know they can do it… they just need the right tools & resources.  Alchemy of stones with intuitive intent helps them realize & bring into tangible awareness a way to create what they desire… it lets them know that they are not alone in their pursuits.  I offer spiritual support in a pretty package of natural elements combined together like a prescription specifically for that individual’s needs to accomplish what they are setting out to do, whether they fully understand that or not.  I offer another level of awareness to bring their dreams & desires to tangible results through the power of energetic support of natural elements with intention.  Ask and it is given.

~ Creativity & Energy ~
focus on clearing & balancing 2nd chakra work and wear carnelian,
call on Archangel Josphiel for creative pursuits.

~ Flow of money ~
focus on the flow of energy, bottom 3 chakras, freshwater pearls, aventurine, mother-of-pearl

My ideal client is all about the stones, the magic that goes into the process from divine vision to the alchemy of stones & metals to create a piece of work set with intention to move her forward on the path she has chosen.  She is a professional woman, 30 to 55 seeking support from elements outside of herself to sustain & empower the woman, the alchemist she is becoming.  Finding & sitting in this power of inner strength & beauty, she gains clarity of self.  The divine connection that flows through us all to move with the spirit that created us.  She is open & ready for change, and really embraces the new power within her.  She sees the jewelry, the transformative powers of the stones & metals set with intention to create a sacred support system to propel her through all obstacles and challenges as well as the goals and milestones with grace & ease.  She moves with the energy of the universe, understands that all is energy, and she is plugged into that current, flowing in her like a gentle but powerful wave of promise and opportunity.  She is taking control by relinquishing it to the power that drives us all.  She is awakening and becomes re-connected to that precious power within her… the love of all that is… the connecting of divine spirit to the heart that glows with the new knowledge that she can do anything… she just has to align herself with the tools and resources, both tangible & abstract, to complete the energy current flowing through her.  She embraces this power with grace & ease and sees my work, and the pieces we create together, as the subtle & secret reminder that with the power she vibrates with creates the magical world that she can do, be, express with a whole heart her true spirit inside & out in perfect alignment.  Harmony in the natural flow of energy connecting us to a Spirit empowering us to be everything we want to be.

What my client wants:

I want to create & manifest my hearts desires with grace & ease.

I want Freedom.

I want to be divinely connected at all times.

I want the power to be who I want to be.

I want to know myself, my angels & guides.

I want the power to transform my life.

I want to know my purpose.

I want to know my life’s work.

I want clarity on my path to choose what is best for me for my highest good.

I want the support & guidance to move me forward on my path.

I want to fully embrace who I am.

The Spirit of the stones, metals set with intentions are done in alignment with Spirit whether consciously used or not, creates a sacred support system for the client.  The energy of the stones amplified by the energy of the metals give the wearer the added energy from Spirit to manifest the changes, and empower her through the challenges that are set before her on this path she has chosen.  Awareness, insight, and clarity are just a few gifts of the stones.  I am simply the translator or communicator to help bridge and shine a vibrant light into her heart so she herself can fully embrace the sacred power that is Spirit that connects us all.  I offer the messages of the stones in their own voice, the voice that is Spirit, to give support in a sacred design that resonates with the one chosen to wear it.  I create the pieces, uniting the stones and metals to convey the story of spirit to support the sacred and divine purpose that is our story to be told.

Of everyone in my circle, whom do I most enjoy working with? I love working with women who get it… understand the stones & metals can make a difference in helping them bring about change in a positive way.  Divine support in a really beautiful package… and no one has to know!

Of everyone in my circle, who is most likely to perceive the value of what I offer the quickest or easiest? Older women who are more aware of their own power to manifest change, usually past the 27 year threshold who understand that there is more to them then day-to-day life.

Of everyone in my circle, who is willing or able to pay for my products or services? Professional women looking to be a active role in changing their own life & the lives of others.  They have goals and a purpose, and are open to all the resources & tools to accomplish what they have in mind!

Of everyone in my circle, who can I find the most easily? Professional Women with a specific cause or focus.  Women on a specific spiritual path or belief system, and those wanting to better their lives & self.

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