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Cristy NIx, Heart Sync Group…mercury is retrograde.

Hi All,

Well, some of you might be aware that Mercury is retrograde for the month of June up until July 4th.

So, what does this mean? Since mercury is the governing planet of communication + mechanical devices, things can go missing, haywire, or just stop working.

How to protect yourself?

  • Be proactive, and be mindful that things might not go as planned.
  • Roll with the difficulties, don’t freak out and just re-act instead of acting (proactive)!
  • and when you get that little thought that pops into your head saying “go get the oil changed” or “let’s do it now and get it over with”, follow it…

I have found it saves a log of head aches in the long run.

Exciting stuff! 

Cristy Nix, Confidence Coach + Communications Expert

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