Marketing with your Human Design Profile?

I love learning about profiles…they are one of my favorite things in Human Design.  And I’ve noticed that there isn’t a lot on running your business using your human design, so I thought I would share what I’ve experienced.
Human Design and Business


First, what is your Human design profile?  They come from the first 2 numbers after the dot on either side of your human design chart.  Mine are 3/5.

As a 3/5 profile, with 3rd line being conscious self (black) + 5 line be unconscious self (red), I find that I’m a bit more open to experimenting with my marketing avenues.  I like to try it and see if it works or not.

In my perspective of Human Design for marketing purposes, I see the lines as:

1 line ~ the researcher ~ go-to resource for information

2 line ~ the natural ~ word of mouth marketing

3 Line ~ explorer/experimenter ~ first one to try it to see what works

4 line ~ connector Who they know/network

5 line ~ the fixer/the teacher practical solutions/clear expectations

6 line ~ role model/leader leading by example

But when it comes to marketing my offers to my audience, I find that my 3 line likes to share my experiences + my 5 line chips in with teaching bite-size pieces that are practical + doable.

Hope this helps!

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