Yesterday I was reminded what it feels like to walk through the day disconnected.  I honestly felt in a funk of sorts like a mini depression.  Didn’t want to do anything, I could not get my brain to work.  Sitting in my studio, I looked at the computer screen thinking, “I know there is something I want to do to this website, but what?”  It was crazy.  All I wanted to do was sleep, and when I went to lay down, all I got were horrible thoughts that I could not shake! So, I ended up in front of the boob tube trying to be as mindless as I could.  Escape, really, from the yucky thought going through my head.  Why was I in such a state?  What was this?  Dehydration or something?  I know I’m a Cancerian and can be rather moody at times, but this is ridicules!

So I decided to take a shower and cool off and see if anything changed.  I rescheduled my reading for another day since it wasn’t going to do either of us any good if I wasn’t connected and headed for the showers.  After a good 20 minutes in the cool water I cut & severed all cords using Michael’s help and my family of light, then grounded and set my intentions to move through the rest of my day with Grace & ease.  So be it.  Drying off it came to me what it was something about the website that wasn’t sitting well with me!  Brilliant!  I was blocked…that is what was sitting with me all day keeping me from being connected.  There was something I had to work through to move forward (isn’t there always?)

Wow, what a difference.  I teach this process in my classes but have forgotten what it feels lie to walk through a day completely cut off from spirit.  I highly recommend it if you find yourself in a funk or depression to clear the air, so to speak with whatever means you have necessary…and a shower will do it.

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