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So, what is your favorite gemstone?stoneblessings.com

As many of you might know, I started my spiritual journey learning how to use my intuition on purpose as a jewelry designer.  Yep, the stones would speak to me intuitively and tell me what they wanted to be named.  They would even show me pictures in my head of how to combine them for certain energetic reasons.

You see, natural gemstones are organic and come from the earth, right?  They have their own energy and purpose.  I believe we are all drawn to certain colors and stones for a reason, and by knowing what their energy supports us in doing ourselves, they become a key ingredient and allies in making our own energy better.  Hence the business + life tools idea.

Being natural energy boosters, they can only add to what we are already doing…not bring us down.  They are only positive energy…and some of them even absorb bad juju, too.

So, how do you write off the jewelry?  Well, if you are a business owner, the stones actually help you as a business tool to do your job better, so yes, per my CPA, you can write them off as a business expense.  Awesome, huh?

So, next time you are drawn to wear a certain color or a particular pair of earrings, be sure to look up the meaning of the stones, I have some on my sister site, Stoneblessings.com.  You will be amazed that they are totally in sync with your energy for the day.  Amazing, huh?

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So, what is your favorite stone?  Leave a comment below.  Blessings, C

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