You know what I mean.  When you know you need to get some things done to grow your business, but just don’t feel like doing ANYTHING…but maybe sitting on the couch….eating chocolate

I know there are some days when your brain just needs a break…but there are others when you really NEED for your brain to turn on and you cannot seem to find the switch.

It sucks!  But there you are!

Well, you are not alone.  I was just there yesterday.  Let me tell you what happened + how I got out of it.  

So, I started my day off in my usual routine of getting kids + hubby out the door, then went to my first appointment.  

Good, huh?

Then on my back to the office, I realized I just didn’t want to do anything business related.  Instead, I tried to force myself to be inspired…by listening to back logged webinars, re-reading content, something to reconnect me to what I was really wanting to put out into the world….then started to spiral into the “well, the holidays are coming…and if I don’t get my stuff together, then where will we be?” mode.

Since I didn’t want to be there, I started thinking “what could I do right now to generate some income?”  That is when I realized I had not heard from 1 of my boutiques I design jewelry for.  So, I called her + we had a great chat.  She told me things sold great in October + she really needs another batch of stuff ASAP.  Then I got all excited, and I was now inspired to go make jewelry, create + write even.

Then I had an a-ha.  My communication style is Conversation…for those of you who don’t know what that means, it is the natural way I connect + engage people in my life AND business.  I like to talk + others love to hear me talk.  Some of us might be more charismatic where we love to “be seen” and it’s all about our energy or magnetic personality.  Then there are the content creatives who are all about communicating through their work, which we feel should speak for itself.  If you want to know which one you are, click here for a chat.

Let's-chat with Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Strategist

So, back to my a-ah…I realized that in order to get out of my funk, I need to re-engage with my own intuitive, inspired, creative energy….and what better way than talking to someone who loves me + what I do.  AND it WORKED!  Why? because I am a conversationalist.  I always feel better once I talk it out.  

Awesome, huh?  How about you?

So, the lesson is…if you are a coach, creative, holistic practitioner, or any other Service-Based, Soul-Driven Entrepreneur…you need to know one thing to get you out of the funk…how you BEST communicate.  It holds the key to help you get out of the holding pattern + BACK into the manifesting flow.

Good to know, huh?  Let me know what kind of communicator you feel you are, and if you want to know for sure, fill out this quick form to find out for FREE…my treat!

Let's-chat with Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Strategist

I hope this serves you well…and please leave me a comment + please share.

Exciting Stuff!

Cristy Nix, Alignment Business strategist + hand analyist


PS>>>  Keep your eyes out for something new coming in Spring 2015 that will Transform how you DO Business.

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