So, what’s next?

In the last video,  I shared with you a bit of my journey + how the leveling up quiz came about, with it’s focus on where you are + what you can be doing or NOT doing in your business to grow in a more aligned + authentic way.

Each of us are in our own stage of the Entrepreneur’s Journey, which is an ongoing cycle of growth + evolution.

And being in the right place at the right time is what makes leveling up easier.  It’s call being in alignment and once you experience it, you won’t want to be any other way.

So, how can you experience alignment AND do it on purpose?

How do you know who you are + how you work?  What your preferences are for your relationships in + out of your business?  What do you value most and how do you create boundaries so those values are protected?

Alignment only works if you know WHAT you are trying to align with, and that is all inside of YOU!

To Do you + BE you, you have to first KNOW you!

I know learning about who you are is an ongoing process, but where do you start?

I realized that to own what really made me me, there were some basics I needed to start with.  Now I use this same process with ALL of my clients and they are amazed how much they didn’t realize they knew about themselves and it’s direct impact on their businesses + lives!

Let me share my tool for jump starting your alignment process.

It’s called the 9 Foundational Facets, and it’s a workbook that is pay-what-you-can + designed to be something you can do in an afternoon.

Interested?  Check it out here>>>

Remember, you have everything inside of you to make leveling up simpler + easier.  You just have to access it.