2014 Vision Board Party!

Cristy Nix + Michelle Casto join forces to help you create your vision for 2014 with excitement and Fun.

So, Have you thought about your theme for the year yet? This is something I do every year. It is annual practice of mine to carefully choose a theme that I use as my guide for all my decisions for the next year in business + in life.

I am always amazed at how this little act can shift what comes into my every day experiences….little miracles and inspiration at every turn. Amazing!

My theme for the year is to feel Blissfully Happy + Successful Being Me! I want to feel creative, connected, and supported in all that I do. I want to LOVE what I am doing in my work, Commit to being happy, and Know harmony in all things in my life. How did I come up with this? Well, it took some time + is a little formula I have based off my life school or theme from my own hand analysis.

Here is the formula (you can use your own life school if you have had your hands done): My life school(s) + what I want to FEEL in the coming year. Simple, right?

Here are the schools:
School of love: Love + Connection/closeness
School of Service: Being of help/joyful service
School of Wisdom: True Commitment
School of peace: Harmony + Comfortable in physical self

Now, what do you want to FEEL?

Don’t get frustrated (if you are, then you are pushing to make this happen). This was not meant to be a quick process. I honored myself and took some time away from the daily “have to’s, want to’s, and need to’s” to be quiet and really give myself space to think + feel. What do I really want this year? What do I NOT want? Both are really important to making amazing things happen for you. If you have not had your hand analysis done and what to know your life school or theme, click here>>>

Next step:  Create an organized, fun piece of art called a vision board + write your theme on the back.  How?  After letting go of what did not serve you in 2013, and choosing your theme for the new year, follow these few steps:

1.   start thinking + feeling how your theme will change your life and perspective like you are standing in November of 2014 and seeing where you are + how you feel.

2.  cut out a variety of pictures, words, and ideas out of magazines/old calenders.  You will be cutting out pictures that represent what you want to create over the year.

3. get organized:  I suggest using the Bagua (Feng Shui 9 grid to energetically organizing space)  I use the Bagua to help me get clear & focused on what I want for each section.  then I separate my poster board like the Bagua, and place my inspiration + pics in each section.

4.  Then take the finished piece and hang it somewhere you will see it everyday.  It is amazing how just this visual representation makes such a difference.  My board has become a checklist for completion.

Here is a pic of a board I did in the past>>>

Cristy Nix, practical intuitive, Vision board workshop for 2014

Come create a great 2014!

Amazing what I accomplished by first letting myself get clear + trusting my own intuition that what I wanted was doable and within my reach.

Let me know if you have any questions, and post your vision boards or even your theme for the new year.  I’d love to hear them.

AND if you are in Austin, this is your invite for the

vision board party.

It is sure to start your new year off  from a loving, positive, proactive place.  Join us!

Be Brilliant!  C

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