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Have you ever ignored your intuition, those subtle thoughts that pop into your head, and you think “Nah, I’ll be OK” or “nope, that won’t happen!” and then something DOES happen and you are like “damn, I should have listened then I would be dealing with all this mess!”

Trust your intuition

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Well, join the club.  Even as an intuitive business coach, I still find myself on occasion ignoring my hints just like you because I cannot see what is coming down the pike.  It can be costly, both time + energy, but this time is hit me in the pocketbook…or should I say IPad.

So, here’s what happened.  I was at a conference in Berkeley Ca. with a girlfriend of mine, and leaving the hotel for breakfast, I got the hints to not take my leather black bag with me but to come back for it.  I was like, “OK”.  Then my friend said she was taking everything in case we were late, and I decided to take it with me.  Strike 1.

Then, as we are getting out of the car, I thought, “maybe I should take that in with me” then thought, “no, we’ll be back in a second.”  So I shoved it under the back seat of our black interior car thinking it would be fine.  Strike 2

While locking up the car, my friend also had a thought of maybe moving the bag to the trunk, but blew it off and didn’t say anything.  Strike 3

So, can you guess what happened?  Yep, the car was broken into + everything was taken including my brand new iPad that was in my black leather bag I loved….which also had all my materials for the conference we were attending + business cards.  It was a disaster.  I was emotionally raw for the beginning of our retreat, and felt on the verge of tears all day.  It was a mess to return the car at lunch to the airport and file the theft with my insurance.  Nothing but Drama!!!  and I don’t like drama…actually gave it up for the year.

What can you do to trust your gut instincts or intuition more?  Pretend for 1 day that all those gentle thoughts that pop into your head are true.  Ask your posse of angels + guides for feeling confirmation.  TIP:  these thoughts do not have emotion and do not tell you to harm anyone…that is just your angry ego chatting away.

So, what is the lesson my friends?  When the little hints and stray thoughts pop into your head, just follow them.  Life is more fun + a lot easier that way…and you will feel safe that someone else is not going through your family pictures!

Pay Attention, My Friends!

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