I have  Hermit heart lines on both hands,  one is a little bit social, but not by much.  I know, you’re wondering what this means. For someone like me with the Hermit heart line, when confronted, I need a minute to understand how I am feeling, to get the lesson or message that is showing up (for me or the person confronting me) and then articulate aloud from a space that feels good to me….a space that is heart centered.

What spawned this insight, you ask?  In a word, my dad.  He has never really “gotten” me and usually thinks I’m nuts, such is life with a father who is a One on the Enneagram.  This morning it was about my parents taking my kids to their church.  The kids said they wanted to go, so I’m all for it.  Good to experience another insight into how spirit works, right?

Then dad pulls me aside to tell me that I need to lead by example, by going to church with them.  And to hear how disappointed he is. I had no idea that my joining them was part of the deal (I thought that they were okay with it).  He was not happy, and honestly neither was I.

It wasn’t because I wanted to go, but because I didn’t want to go, and he did not accept me for who I am….or even see me for the spiritual teacher that I am. So, after getting past the tears, and the thought that “he doesn’t approve of how I am being a role model for my children”, I got the insight.

This was a lesson for me to stand up for who I am and let him be who he is, without judgment.  He is who he is and if he does not approve of my methods, then I cannot help him.  His opinion is not meant to help but to bring me to heel, and I stopped doing that a loooong time ago.  I admit that as a spirit having a human experience, there will be occasional hiccups, but this was not one of them. Wow, I feel better. Yay me!

Anyway, I just have to share the insight that has inspired me.  And that is, a Hermit heart line has to sit with an experience before they can respond to something that goes against their hearts wisdom.  It needs to be processed with all of their heart when it is something that challenges their belief in themselves.  We’ve got to take time and get a sense for where we stand, when faced with people who try to guilt us into something we know is not in our highest good.  This is another lesson on personal power for me, and now that I know I am good with it.  Might say something to Dad if it feels right, but part of me knows that he will not hear me. And the rest of me is okay with him just not getting it.

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