Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry?   An outfit in your favorite color?  Pair of shoes?  Something that, when you put it on, your mood automatically improves, and you think to yourself “Wow, that feels so much better!”  You feel great, (not to mention you look fabulous), and the little black cloud that you could not seem to shake all morning is gone, “Poof” like magic!  What causes such a transformation?  And where can you get more?  Well, I’ll try to shed some light or color on the subject.

I love jewelry!  Actually, I have an obsession with anything fashion-oriented.  I have a “black belt in shopping,” as my mom puts it, which I’m sure most of you can identify with.  I have learned in my study of stones that gemstones are what I like to think of as Mother Nature’s answer to mood enhancers.  Red Coral can give us motivation and the confidence to put ourselves out there.  Carnelian is an energizing warm orange color and great for sparking creativity and manifesting want we desire!  When we are moving in our natural flow of things (Moonstone & Mother of pearl are great for this), everything just comes a little more easily to us: like getting a parking spot in a crowed lot, and up front too!

Then we have other days when we feel like we are swimming up-stream and nothing is going right.   How can a great pair of earrings change all that?   We are inspired to shift our moods and mindset using a trigger that creates joy in us.  It can be a color, favorite article of clothing, or jewelry piece.  Gemstones naturally lend a helping hand in helping us connect to that “happy bliss”.  Is it any wonder why my wardrobe is half turquoise since that is the stone of inner wisdom & strength!  So, what is your power color?   Some call it color therapy, but I’m calling it shopping with a purpose!

After extensive practice in the jewelry and fashion industry, I have come to the conclusion that we are all drawn to certain colors for a reason: to shift our moods and mindset to one of a positive and joyful outlook.  In this frame of mind, we are able to create and attract positive outcomes to situations that usually have a potential to become sticky.  Gemstones have their own variety of colors and characteristics that can help us attract and create more positive things in our lives.  I have found that we are usually drawn to specific stones at one time or another because the stone’s energy actually combines and supports what we need at the time.  Like our favorite color of the month, our favorite stones change too.  So, wear your favorite pair of earrings with joy, and know that they are truly doing you good from the inside out!  What a blessing!

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