Do you remember Mr. Mom, the movie + Micheal Keaton?

mr mom


When the idea came to me to write about what it takes to get out of your own way to be successful in your business on your own terms, this movie popped into my head.

Let me tell you why!

Remember when he is in the carpool line + his kiddo, Alex, tells him “you’re doing it wrong”  because he was going “in” the “out” to drop off at school.  Well, THAT is what I want to talk about today.  Not necessarily “doing it wrong” but being OK with doing it your way, which is often not how others around you are doing it…and often how how you were taught.

Now, how does this apply to your business?

In this world of cyber space, there is an alarming + mostly overwhelming amount of information + voices telling you WHO to be, What you need to be doing, + HOW to run your business.  And one of the curses of the entrepreneur is to want to know it all…with the hope that maybe the next thing you learn will throw you over the top to be successful over night…or learning that next trick which will be the one strategy that gets you all the clients you could want.

But it simply is NOT true!  

If you have ever taken a workshop, class, done coaching, or bought an online info product like a DIY learning tool, then you KNOW it’s not just the information you learn, but WHAT you DO with it.

Yes, getting IN your own way will keep you from taking action.  Some call it playing small like doing ALL the RIGHT things, but not seeing the results.

WHY does this happen, you ask?

Because the information you have learned is awesome, yes?  It resonated with you for a reason, and a good reason mind you.  It is in sync with who you are.  But there is another 2 steps you are missing from getting those results you REALLY want: Integration + Implementation.  

Yep, you need to modify or tweak the info you just learned to make it work for your own unique “Business Style” (new tool coming SOON) of how YOU do business, then take action.  Put it into motion + out into the world.

One thing I have been told over + over again by my clients is that I help them tweak information, business tools + ideas, to fit their natural business style….then I inspire action in my clients to make this move forward in a DOABLE way.  If it’s not doable, you won’t do it at all, and stay where you are until you either take action or quit.

Q: where do we start to find your own unique “business style”?  it starts with knowing how you are getting in your own way + why.

So ask yourself a few questions to get started like:  

  • what feels hard in my business?
  • what drains me?
  • what am I putting off or dread doing?
  • what is sucking all my time + brain power, but not a client-getting action?

Make sense?  

What does this tell you?  It shows you what does NOT come naturally to you.  My answer:  celebrate the professional.  Just because you CAN do it, does not mean you HAVE to. Promise.

Now, take these and start find out if this is something YOU have to do or if it something you can do another way….or have someone else do.   And maybe your approach is off, especially true if you are pulled to do something, offer something, and get crickets….you did not do it in YOUR “business style”.

So, take some inventory of what you are doing in your business, even keep a list (that’s what I did) and see what’s not working for you.

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Like Mr. Mom, your gifts, talents, + business come from INSIDE of you, doing what others have done, just in your own way.  Now, let’s get you OUT of your own way, so you are transforming lives + making the money you KNOW you can!

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