Balance is NOT a myth.  It is a goal we all strive for daily, but especially during the holidays where we have a lot of family + outside influences affecting our natural flow of activities. So, how do you find + keep your balance through the hustle + bustle of the “off time”?


Here are a few tips I have found that have helped me stay calm + cool, putting out fires with grace + ease.

1. know what you need to feel calm + centered ~  I have a formula that I discovered really works well with me finding my calm space:

Your values + priorities + desired feelings = navigation tools for daily actions
Here is a download of worksheets to find these for yourself here!

Values ~ By knowing what you value most (choose top 5), you then know if this is something in alignment or will feel good for you.  For instance: one of my values is communication.  I strive to be very plain speaking + too the point in how I communicate.  I like to make sure everyone is on the same page + all are being heard when we are making a decision.  Leaving little notes, texting to verify appointments + that we are almost there is my little way of feeling in alignment with what is going on…and it stops the confusion + doubt in it’s tracks.

Priorities ~ now this can be personal priorities, or what you intend for the holiday gathering.  I would first start with knowing your core priorities.  These will help you navigate what is your first “to do” when working to get everything ready for your holiday.  Getting clear on these will keep you on track and not get caught up in the “Bright + Shiny” syndrome where you run around chasing the next thing that pops into your head.  No one likes to be scatterbrained, yes?

* NOTE ~ One key to making all of this work is to remember to go with the flow as things come to you.  Timing is divine + critical to your sanity.  I fit feels like you are pushing to make something happen.  STOP> breathe, step back, back off.  let go + allow the situation to pan out on it’s own.  You trying to control every outcome will make a huge stressful mess for your self + everyone involved.

Desired feelings ~ this is how you want to feel.  By knowing how you want to experience the holiday or gathering, it will elevate all the others around you.  When you start to get panicked, stressed, and cross bring back into mind how you want to feel because this is NOT it.  

Finally take guided action ~ this is doing what you are pulled to do in a way that feels good for you.  If something feels like a burden, then don’t do it, or find another way to make it work for you.  

2.  Choosing your battles ~ OK, there will be a lot of people all together, so there will be at least one time where you butt heads.  Not everyone will want to go ice skating at the same time, some will want to stay home.  Here is where your values + priorities + desired feelings come in handy.  Check in + see if this is really a priority for you.  Is it something you really want to do for yourself (not others because YOU think it will be fun for them)?  if not, step back + let it go so the ones who want it decide.  Less stress this way.  If it is something you want to do + feel it is the best time, then say so.  Also know that it might not be the right time + allow it to “Just be out there” that it is something you would like to do during the break.  You will know when it is the right time.

3.  Taking a break or “ME” time ~ This is something we tend NOT to do during the “together” time, and it actually robs us of being better company.  During the normal time of year, we have a lot of time to just do our own thing.  So, we are used to being alone or having “Me” time which is where we get to do what we want.  So, I actually make an effort to do something by myself that I want to do…like:

  • take a nap,
  • get my nails done,
  • go see a movie,
  • go for a walk
  • go shopping by myself (I get it done faster + enjoy myself!!)

When I get back I feel connected + refreshed and EVERYONE benefits for you being in a better mood + frame of mind!


4.  Trusting everything will work out splendidly!  Now I hear this is hard for a lot of you…trusting that everything will work out.  It takes some of the control out of the process that is the holidays, but it is well worth it.  When you feel like you are clinched, holding your hands at your sides making fists, definite sign to “let go + let God” so to speak.  Bring your focus back to your priorities, your desired feelings + what you value most, and look for that.  It will shift your frame of mind to a calmer + happier self.

Hope this helps you embrace + enjoy your holiday time with your family + friends.  
If you would like help figuring out your values, priories + desired feelings, click here to download the worksheets, and sign up for a complimentary chat and we will go through them together. 

With Grace + Ease, 

Cristy Nix, Marketing Confidence + hand analyst

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