Do you:

  • Want to create more money in less time?
  • Would like a more flexible work schedule?
  • Want more time to be focused on your family + their lives?
  • Want to take more “Me” time without the Mommy Guilt?

Then YOU want a Family Lifestyle Business!

Well, we are a unique bunch of women (and a few Men) who are Heart Centered Entrepreneurs here to change the world AND be great parents.

And, YES we can do it all…and I have actually figured out how to make it easier on you to create the income-generating, Lifestyle-Supporting Business that allows you to fulfill your purpose as a Conscious Business Owner, AND be the Best Mom Ever with Grace + Ease.

Not kidding.  No, really. I have actually done it, and I can teach you how, too.

So, how to you design a successful business that gives you

the family lifestyle you really want???

It’s a simple formula actually:
Life Purpose + Business Purpose + Intuition + Authentic Self = Awesome Lifestyle Business
Start with your purpose, WHY are you here?  I mean, how are you to change the world?
That gives you your life path…NOW align THAT with your Business, and Ta Da.  You now know how you are to change the world and bring happiness + awareness to all AND contribute to your family while you are at it.
You know that saying” Do what you love + the money follows”  well, what they don’t tell you is where to start!  You have to know your path first.  Being out of alignment with your purpose, which is your path to walk in this life, will make life feel like you are walking around in the dark trying to figure out WHAT you are supposed to be doing, and the how will be even more elusive….and so will the $$$$!
So, Is your business in alignment with your life Purpose?  If you want to find out what you need to tweek to make your business in alignment with your path, making everything so much easier, click here to answer a few questions and get a free 20 min. Intuitive Strategy Call….you need to know, right?
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