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Watching the wolves

The family went to the zoo Monday with the Kids since everyone was off and met a friend of Carter’s from school & her mom. The other Mom, Emily, got there first and called to tell us the place was packed and she had to park way out from the zoo. I suggested that she drive up front and ask for a parking space up front. She was ok with that and did it. I mentioned that timing is everything and if you don’t ask you don’t get.

The insight I got was that a wave of people would be leaving when we drove up, and we would get a spot right up front. Yep, we were definitely where we were supposed to be since our timing couldn’t be better. She saw a wave when she went up to the front, and then another 15 minutes later another wave left right when we drove up.

Thought: It never hurts to ask, whether it is your guides, your soul, or someone around you. Check in and ask for what you want and listen to what comes. They will tell you want you need to know. Then do it. Done.

Gotta love it.
Love & Insight, C

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