Mother’s Day is around the corner (may 8th if you are needing a calender), and my mom said she wanted something “non-traditional that represents our family”. So, I set out to do just that, and here are a few ideas.
There are stones, traditionally your birthstone that you can use in a variety of ways to represent all your clan. A new twist is to put them into a design that really reflects your mom’s unique taste! Choose Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold fill (layer of gold on top of another metal but wears like gold), add your family stones to the design and poof. a unique mother’s day gift she is sure to wear everyday.
Example of multi-stone pieces: chandelier earrings, Branch necklace, or a tin cup necklace at any length. The gemstone jewelry designs are limited to your imagination and budget. Contact us for more ideas for something truly unique. Blessings! C


Mother's day gemstone jewelry, custom handmade jewelry

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