Have you ever felt like you are here for more than what you are doing now? Maybe you changed jobs because you feel pulled to do more, be more than you are, but… Are you telling yourself that your big dream is just not possible because of something others have said? or maybe you tried it and your efforts did not get the results you really wanted, so you doubt yourself, or a trusted adviser told you to do it their way to get your results, and when it failed it was because of you? We hear you! Been there, done that. WHY is this happening? It’s simple, really.   We all are unique in how we are made up:  who we are at our core + what we are here to do.  So, doesn’t it make sense that we will find our own path + run our business in our own unique way, too? That’s why you need someone who gets you, and that you are different in how YOU do things. This is what we do everyday:  We meet you where you are, insightfully guide you to discovering your own unique map for success, what we call your Success Map and then putting that into Action!  Yep, we are here to help you actually do it + figure out what works for you real time. So, How do I discover my Success Map?cristynix.com Happy you asked.  Why, it’s in your hands and you’ve had it the whole time.  We use an amazing tool called Hand Analysis to reveal all this information to you. Now, you just needed someone who can translate it for you. Good thing we do that, right?  It’s what we do every day.  Get Clear, Get a Plan, Get it Done.

It’s so true….and I have found it also shows up in your business, too.

Your Soul gifts, talents, what you need in your relationships even with your clients, as well as, your business purpose is in your hands!  It’s called Hand Analysis, and it will open your eyes, and probably validate a lot for + about you.  Some things you will already know, but NOW you know WHY!!! It also can tell why you are running into the challenges in your business, for instance, if you are hiding out (not using a gift you REALLY need to own) it might be challenging to be seen or be the lead on projects.   PLUS, it takes “Getting in your own way” to a whole new level.  Right? So, What’s next? First, We need to uncover your success map in your hands.  It’s made up of:

  • your life/business purpose,
  • your Soul Gifts,
  • how you use your emotions, brain, and lifestyle to create success

Your Success Map will show you how you are wired to be more successful in business + life.  Plus, your own way will feel flowing, easier + more natural for you. Doesn’t that sound a lot better than feeling like you are doing things the hard way + NOT getting the results you know you can? Here is a bit of history on Hand Analysis, if you want to read up on it>>> What Exactly is Hand Analysis? So, Are you ready to discover what your Success Map says for you? Together I am confident we can get you focused on the right path + using these challenges proactively in creating the business you were born to have, including all the success you could ask for. Your 1 Hour assessment includes:

  • Hand Printing Kit
  • 1 Hour recorded session (sent directly to you)
  • Your Personalized Success Map Cheat Sheet for future reference

Investment:  $497 Are you ready? Yes, I’m READY to know YOUR success map for Business + Life!  Click the button below to get started.  

I’m Excited to see what is in your Hands! Cristy Nix, Alignment Business strategist + hand analyist