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Intuitive Business Strategist, Cristy Nix…find your amazing!

Hi there,

Thanks for coming in.  

So, are you curious to know what really makes YOU amazing?  Let’s chat about what I have found to help you figure that out.

On my journey, it has taken me quite a while to really understand and accept what I feel makes me, well, me.  As I work with more + more ladies on their businesses, I realize that the root of a lot of our business stress lies in not really knowing or accepting who we really are….like going against our very nature.  It is more than our talents, gifts, skills, and perspective, but the core essence of who we are naturally.

So, what is the key to knowing who you are and accepting your amazing-ness?  

It’s simple + hard all at once.  

It’s owning ALL the facets of you:  your natural rhythm, your humor, your emotions, your loves, and your Spirit.  It’s knowing how you do things best so they turn out the way you feel really good about without judging yourself. It’s knowing how you do things that sparks interest in someone else, like your emotional connection to your work, and the ability to see the potential in everyone you meet.  That is all you.

Now, for an amazing business…integrate ALL of you into what you love to do + do everyday.  Let things change to fit your patterns + likes.  It will help you find your fun + impact others for the good.

If you would like some help finding what makes you amazing, or want a sounding board or to brainstorm, click here to chat with me.  It’s free + an easy way to cut to the chase.

You are here to do amazing things, so let’s get going! 

Cristy Nix, Confidence Coach + Communications Expert

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