What I learned from Tinker Bell by Cristy Nix

Rin as Tinker Bell fairy

Isn’t she cute!?! This is MY Tinker Bell Fairy!

Ok, so my 2 year old LOVES Tinker Bell.  Yes, it is the same fairy from Peter Pan and Disney, and in their brilliance they made Tinker Bell a star in her own right.   She has several movies out and I finally saw the first one when she comes to Pixie Hollow last night.  What an amazing story!

Upon coming to her new home, Tinker Bell (who does not have a name at this point) has to find her place in the pixie family.  So, she goes through the ceremony of choosing your talent which naturally assigns her to a pixie family subset: tinker, garden, wind, water, light, animal, or healer fairy talent.  However, in this process the elements light up for you if it is your gift, or grow dark and turn off if not.  As she goes through all the elements for each gift, she actually avoids the hammer symbol because of who is in the family (sitting behind the gift for each) and moves on.  One by one they all fall dark except the hammer which as she moves past it glows super bright.  Since it literally comes to her, she has no choice but to grab the hammer.  As she does it sets off a huge surge of light!  One of the Garden fairies makes a comment that they had never seen that before and she must be meant to do great things.

You would think she would be thrilled to know her talent, but she feels the exact opposite.  Tinker Bell is disappointed thinking that she is now condemned to a boring life of mundane tasks “fixing” things.  So, she decides she is not going to be a tinker fairy and asks her new friends to teach her their talent so she might become one of them.  I won’t tell you all the details, but it is a disaster and she quite possibly ruins the coming of spring single handedly!!  But as all good lessons end, she ends up embracing her talent with the help and guidance of her friends.  In realizing she has her own way of creating and innovating, she showcases her talent and saves the day!

So, my question to you is: What do you naturally do that amazes others?  Do you know what your talents and gifts are?  Are you using them and embracing them in who you are?  Many people I have worked would call them your strengths, but I feel they are more than that.  They are an essential part of who you are and how you are meant to live your purpose to help others.

If you want to know YOUR talents and gifts and what makes you special, then give me a call, send me an email or a text.  I have a great tool, Scientific Hand Analysis that will show you what they are.  This is one of my talents:  seeing the gifts and talents in you and helping you create a plan to integrate them into your life so you are happier, feel more successful, and can make good money doing exactly what you want.

Contact me today and let’s see what your talents and gifts are!

Blessings, C


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