Ready to Know what is truly YOU?

I have found over the last few years of coaching that we all have a unique but standard set of facets that give us the full picture of who we are + how we are designed to share our work in the world.

I call them the:



9 Unique Facets of self.

They will influence your daily life as well as how you approach your business.  With this knowledge, I've seen my business, and also the businesses of my clients, dramatically transform.  All of them becoming easier, simpler, and taking less energy to create what they've always wanted....success + happiness on your own terms.

You see, I believe we all are designed to make a difference in the world and change lives for the better, but how?  Especially when you've been trying everything and some things work, but not all of them if any leaving you feeling drained and maybe defeated.

Knowing your 9 Unique Facets can help you build a strong foundation from which to grow your business making the process SOOO much easier because it's all you.  There's no burn out, less stress over choosing the right move for your business, and no one else telling you who you are + what you SHOULD be doing.

Once these 9 Unique Facets are clear + strong, you will find that making decisions + growing your business in a sustainable way that is in alignment with who you really are feels easier, fun, and even get-you-out-of-bed happy!  Success (as you envision it) will come to you with grace + ease.  I've seen it!

So, what was the Uniqueness facet where you are needing the most attention right now?  (PSSST ~ It is your result from the leveling up quiz.)

How did that result resonate with you? 

If you felt more confident in this one facet, how would that change your business + daily life?  These facets set you up to be able to handle anything unexpected that comes your way, know what opportunities to take + which ones to let pass, who to hire + then to let go, and how to trust your awesome that is already inside you.

Also, I'm sure you answered more than one answer on most of the quiz questions meaning there are other facets you might need a bit of help shoring up.  All 9 Uniqueness facets are: priorities, values, aligned approach, intuition, vision, purpose, feelings, clients + relationships, + communication style.

All of these facets are essential for you to grow the business you really want without experiencing a major set back or hiccup, losing sight of what really matters and keeping your business in alignment with who you really are.

Want to learn more about your facet, as well as, the other 8?

Then I have something for you! 

I have created an online, self paced course that allows you to pick + choose which of the 9  Uniqueness Facets you feel pulled to work on.  It comes complete with activities + exercises so you can go deep and connect with your soul self once + for all!  Also, I've designed it so you can do them in any order, and make sure your business is in sync with who you are in your soul.  AND it's Pay-what-you-can!

Sound like fun? 

 Remember, you already have everything inside of you to create the business you really want.  You just have to own your awesome!