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Hope you had a great long labor-free weekend!  We were busy getting our house ready for cooler weather  (it’s like 100 here right now), so we can host our family happy hours for our neighborhood friends.  There is nothing more satisfying for me than to see something beautiful come from the effort I put in to making it happen…even if it IS 16 bags of mulch!  Phew!   

Then you guys inspired me, yet again!  

As I was checking email this morning, I read a few notes from inspired clients who don’t know the RIGHT decision to make or why their efforts aren’t making things happen faster in their business.  They aren’t accessing their intuition.  I also noticed that they also don’t have the support or guidance in place to stay focused and keep their momentum up.  Needless to say, they are struggling to make ends meet or for consistent income.  

I bet you know what I mean, right?  We’ve all been there, done that….thinking we can do it all on our own.

CristyNix.com, Intuitive Business Strategist

Your Business Reflects you ~ Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Strategist


So, What are you struggling with in your business?  Is it something that you avoid or just cannot seem to wrap your mind around, maybe?

This happens to ALL of us, especially who love what we do changing lives, but there is something in the business world that we just aren’t connected with.  For me, it was really getting clear on what I was here to do, and then knowing + trusting my intuition to put it out there…then accepting help + support to keep me connected and moving forward.

So, what do YOU need to have in place to stop struggling + keep up your momentum?  

I have found it is really just 3 things:

  • knowing your Business Purpose,
  • your Path to take,
  • + a doable Plan to get you there
  • and someone to guide you along the way.  

OK, so it’s really it is 4 things.

As your Guide, Let me share a secret to why this will change things for you:  When you resist doing, knowing, learning, or owning something that is a part of you, it causes a block or challenge in things outside of you like your business + THAT keeps you from moving forward.  It can momentarily take away your inspiration, energy + motivation making you feel drained.  Basically, you feel disconnected from your message + work you are here to share. It’s a total bummer.

We are not meant to know everything.  It is not in our nature.  That is why we have certain gifts to share in our own unique way.  Together we can do great things, but only together.  And this is the reason why I personally have 2 coaches + several Peer groups to support me on my own path.  Crazy, Huh?  But it works!

So, my wisdom tip of the day is this:  to own what you are good at, and offer your support to others who need + want your gifts…but also be open to own your need to get the support + guidance to really live your business.  

If you cannot invest in yourself, how can you expect others to invest in you?  You need the right Coach, Mentor, + Guide who is in alignment with you, who gets you, and can customize what they offer to fit you, the results you want, + the work you do.

Just saying.

So, take a minute to look at your business side of things…what is top of mind for you right now?  What is the one thing (if not several) that you so DON’T want to do or are not feeling right now?  

Now think about where this is coming from inside of you…Where are you disconnected from this?  How are YOU holding your business back from getting more clients, raising your rates, aligning your business so it loves you back + gives you the lifestyle you REALLY want?

Your Business is ALL you from the inside out.

Check out the audio here where I explain how this works + what it can do for you!

And then, when you are ready to figure out what support you need to really boost you forward, email me:  cristy@cristynix.com or click here for a FREE Jump Start Strategy Session.

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