What is YOUR Unique Marketing Style?


Ever wonder why some marketing strategies get you crickets and others are like a gold mine for you?  The secret is your marketing style.


Cristy Nix, Intuitive Marketing Strategist

3 marketing communication styles, what’s your unique style?

So, are your marketing efforts in total alignment with you?

Tired of throwing spaghetti to see what marketing communication combination works for you?  I have found an amazing way to get you clear, focused, and on the best path for your business…and it’s simple, too.  Let me help you move mountains by first knowing how you do it best.

Remember ~ Create. Communicate. Connect.

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1.  First, you need to know your communication style or how you communicate best.  It will make you more comfortable putting yourself out there if it is something you do more naturally.
2.  Next Choose marketing strategies, like 3 that you enjoy doing…only 3.  other wise you will tend to get overwhelmed.
examples:  facebook, blogging, videos, speaking, or free content like an ebook.
3.  write it down…on a calendar, so you can do it over + over again.  Take into account how long to get something written.  Plan ahead.  I sit down Mondays and write all my content, do my images, and plan for my calls.  I don’t see clients on Mondays.
Finally, stick to the plan + work the plan.  Got to be consistent so you train your audience when to expect things from you, hence the calendar.
Want to go deeper + really discover your unique marketing style?  
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Cristy Nix, Confidence Coach + Communications Expert

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