Hiya Mamas,

Wow, Christmas feels like it is so here already!!!  Can you feel the energy of the New Year coming with all it’s possibility and promise?  It’s globally a “7 year” which is all about the inner journey of learning + really knowing how you work best to make what you really want come about.  It’s a “5 year” for me personally, which is all about learning what makes you free and then creating that outcome.

So, what year is it for you?  Ok, here is the math (don’t freak out, now) Birth Day + birth month + 2014 (current year).  Now go read what your year says about you here:  http://www.creativenumerology.com/index.php?inc=includes/yearlycycles.html

or just reply back and I’ll give you my personal intuitive spin.

And coming up on the calendar:

What to know how to really use your “life cycle year” to make awesome things happen in 2014?  Check out the Fun Vision Board Party, January 11th:


Are you a Heart Centered Mama Entrepreneur?  Want help growing your Biz, or birthing a biz, don’t miss the Intuitive Business Planning workshop on January 25th.  It will help make growing your Biz SO much easier…and keep your family your priority.  Promise. Only 2 spots left!  Get your invite here: https://cristynix.com/successblueprintinvite

Oh, and just a few things I’m cooking up for the coming year: Are YOU interested in…

~ “Getting clients in your back yard” 6 mo. mastermind/coaching group starts Feb 1st.  Send me a note if you want details:  cristy@cristynix.com

~ Mama’s intuition class to help you naturally trust yourself to easily connect to your kiddos…and your clients (yep, they are linked!)

~ “What kind of intuitive are YOU?” questionnaire, just so you know what to look for in your answers when you ask your higher self for guidance.

~ Launching the “10 to 2 Biz Mom” model, let me know if you want to Beta test it for me!

~ FREE offering of my Heart Sync Meditation to help you get out of your head and into your heart whenever you need to get out of your own way.  oh, did I mention that it’s Free!  Send me a note if you want a copy:  Cristy@cristynix.com

Ok, that’s all I have for now.  Hope you are getting all your shopping done and really enjoying the Spirit of the Season.

Many Blessings + Family Fun Time!  Post Pics!  Love, C

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