Ebook – Developing Mommy-Sense as a self-guidance tool can help all of us to be more present, aware, and connected to help guide the lives of our little ones.

Book Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Mother’s Intuition as Mommy-Sense
  • Chapter 2: Four Levels of Self
  • Chapter 3: Intuitive Nature
  • Chapter 4: Balance
  • Chapter 5: Self Care
  • Chapter 6: Intuition at work
  • Chapter 7: The Chakras of the Body
  • Chapter 8: Closing Thoughts

What a gift this beautiful book is! Cristy Nix weaves together her talents as an educator, intuitive, & mom to help parents learn to connect to their own hearts & inner voices. She provides practical tools & exercises toward strengthening one’s connection with self, and from those skills the true connection to one’s children can flourish & blossom. – Jules Adams

Wonderful! Beautiful!  Mommy-Sense honors the connection between mother and child – giving back to social consciousness the first steps to a healthy, prosperous and thriving world. I love that this book honors the Spirit/Source within mother and child, while teaching how to strengthen the intuitive connection that is a part of creation. –  Wendy Muse Greenwood

The best advice a mother can receive is to listen to your intuition. Mommy-sense teaches you how to do just that, allowing you to be the best mommy to your child. – Dianne Kett, DK STUDIO

Ebook – $9.95