You can handle it!

This thought keeps coming to me, so I thought I would share it. Spirit, or God-Source, only sends you what you can handle. Regardless of whether you feel you can handle it. Spirit has that divine knowledge and can see the forest beyond the trees, even if we are caught up in the leaves. Have faith & ask for guidance, and everything will be ok. Promise!

visualization: Getting grounded

Ok, I know we all get a little scatterbrained sometimes, and feel our head is in the clouds or we keep dropping things, getting bruises for just not being present in our bodies.  Here is a simple visualization you can do anytime you are sitting at rest (not moving like in a car.  not accidents, please!). Try it and let me know what you think. Getting Rooted The fastest way to calm down and get grounded is to go for a walk in Nature. However, since most of us are not living in the middle of woods, with the freedom … Continue reading

Focusing you intentions exerpt

My point is: do not make earning money more important than making art. Money will come to you – as you stop worrying about it, you allow it to flow right to you. Any amount of money you get paid for your piece is less that it’s worth, so it’s you who is making a favor, because you have been given a gift and are generous enough to share it….Making a goal of money is a completely wrong idea! Your goals should be around having a better life, and money is only one of the ways of getting a better … Continue reading

How to Set Intentions Recording

Thank you to everyone who participated & listened in on the tel-conference call last night on how to use & set Intentions. In case you missed it or want to hear it again, pop me a note & I’ll send it to you. It is too big to just post on WP. Let me know if I can clarify anything or be of service. With Grace & Ease, C Cristy Nix ~ Intuitive/Artist Practical Intuitive ~ Jewelry Artist 512.461.7019