Feeding your chakras

Hi there, March is National Nutrition Month, so I am inspired to write about feeding your chakras to benefit you on one of the 4 levels of self:  Physical.  We will leave the others for later: Emotional, Mental, and spiritual. Check out our class on discovering your chakras and what they can tell you coming up in March!  Contact me if interested:  cristy@practicalintuitive.com Physically, do you find yourself drawn to or crave certain foods that are similar in color or they are all the same type like root veggies all in one day?  or all protein one day but something … Continue reading

What kind of intuitive are you?

Greetings!  As many of you know, it is my belief that we are all intuitive, and that it can be accessed and used everyday like a muscle that just needs practice to get strong.  So, my question to you is what kind of intuitive are you? Here is a little test to find out.  Download the pages (there are 5) and send me your results.  I’ll let you know what it means to be that kind of psychic.  Please be aware that this is just for fun & we all can develop different aspects of all of the 4 levels:  … Continue reading

Being Happy

Hi All, This is my 3 year in my life cycles (christinedelorey.c0m to find yours) which is all about being happy with myself, relationships, everything that makes me “me”.  My Dad sent me this today, So I thought I would share this Interesting article on how to be happy. Yes, being rich does make you happy—so does being in a good marriage and being healthy. But that’s where common sense ends. A large body of happiness research has revealed some surprising findings about what makes people happy, in their personal lives and on the job. • Little events, not big … Continue reading

Practical Intuition 101- Learning to Live by it!

Jan. 25th ~ First Class day for Intuitive Development class series based on Sonia Choquette’s Psychic pathway book. This series of classes focuses on clearing out the clutter, getting clear, connecting to our higher self, and using the information from our intuition to live a life that is filled with guidance and clarity. What better way to start the year, right? Here are the details: 12 class series Dates: Start Wednesday, Jan. 25th, every other week for 12 weeks All Classes will be held at the Harmony~Balance center off 2222 & Mopac: 3321 Hancock Dr Austin, TX 78731. Downloads/recordings of … Continue reading