Finding your Business + Holiday Balance


Balance is NOT a myth.  It is a goal we all strive for daily, but especially during the holidays where we have a lot of family + outside influences affecting our natural flow of activities. So, how do you find + keep your balance through the hustle + bustle of the “off time”? Here are a few tips I have found that have helped me stay calm + cool, putting out fires with grace + ease. 1. know what you need to feel calm + centered ~  I have a formula that I discovered really works well with me finding … Continue reading

Why you need to tweak the law of attraction

why Law of Attraction needs to be tweaked by Cristy Nix

I know many of you have taken the classes, workshops, + even coached with some pretty high end “experts” only to not get the results you thought you would get. Why is that? You did everything right…Well, it is something the other coaches, teachers, and online gurus aren’t telling you, whether they are aware of it or not…when you emulate what someone else has done down to the last “T”, 9 times out of 10 it won’t land or resonate with your audience.  Why?  because they are not YOU.  Plain + simple.  And your super smart audience gets that, hence … Continue reading

Is your Business in a FUNK?

You know what I mean.  When you know you need to get some things done to grow your business, but just don’t feel like doing ANYTHING…but maybe sitting on the couch….eating chocolate chips. I know there are some days when your brain just needs a break…but there are others when you really NEED for your brain to turn on and you cannot seem to find the switch. It sucks!  But there you are! Well, you are not alone.  I was just there yesterday.  Let me tell you what happened + how I got out of it.   So, I started … Continue reading

Getting out of your own way

Do you remember Mr. Mom, the movie + Micheal Keaton?   When the idea came to me to write about what it takes to get out of your own way to be successful in your business on your own terms, this movie popped into my head. Let me tell you why! Remember when he is in the carpool line + his kiddo, Alex, tells him “you’re doing it wrong”  because he was going “in” the “out” to drop off at school.  Well, THAT is what I want to talk about today.  Not necessarily “doing it wrong” but being OK with doing … Continue reading