Finding Your Voice

  Hi Inspired Entrepreneur!   Today I am talking about finding your voice, and why it is so important in your life + your business as an inspired entrepreneur. How many times have you been pulled to say something and stopped, maybe telling yourself that it wouldn’t make a difference or that it might sound mean or not be appreciated?   Here is my blog for the week that addresses what happened when I thought about not saying anything, but trusting Spirit, I did and amazing things happen when you speak your truth!  It’s like a crazy trust exercise with … Continue reading

Full Moon + Pearls

looking for “Crazy Trust Exersize with Spirit?” click here>>>   Ahh, June. Beginning of summer + the heat that usually accompanies it that makes you crave water. June’s traditional birthstone is the pearl, and I have heard you either love them or hate them. Pearls are naturally associated with the moon, so it is only fitting that we showcase pearls with this week’s full moon. Meaning of Pearls ~ Abundance, natural rhythms, calm emotions, following the ebb + flow of the tides. So, do you wear pearls?  When is the last time you wore them?   Buy this here at our … Continue reading

Asking For Evidence

Hi Everyone!  Here is an article from on of my mentors about law of attraction, and I just love how well she puts it into words.  Enjoy + leave a comment below! Exciting Stuff!   Ask for the Evidence Sometimes it seems the Universe is not hearing your requests. Your Inner Being may feel like it’s on vacation because you can’t hear its voice. Loneliness sets in. This sets the stage for all the mischievous, lying, bad news Gremlins to come in talking their smack. These are the moments when we wish there was a super hero we could call to … Continue reading

Mercury is Retrograde…AGAIN!

Hi All, Well, some of you might be aware that Mercury is retrograde for the month of June up until July 4th. So, what does this mean? Since mercury is the governing planet of communication + mechanical devices, things can go missing, haywire, or just stop working. How to protect yourself? Be proactive, and be mindful that things might not go as planned. Roll with the difficulties, don’t freak out and just re-act instead of acting (proactive)! and when you get that little thought that pops into your head saying “go get the oil changed” or “let’s do it now … Continue reading