About Cristy

I'm Cristy Nix, Highly Intuitive Marketing Strategist for Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs meaning I teach you how to make money being you so you have a profitable biz + transform lives as you are meant to do. I am a certified Hand Analyst, Author, + offer 2 decades of experience as a Mom, Wife, + Purposeful Entrepreneur.

Confidence Booster: Gemstone Jewelry

  So, Ladies, how many of you LOVE wearing Jewelry?  Maybe you have a special piece you HAVE to wear every day? What if I told you that natural gemstones, in the form of jewelry, actually can BOOST your confidence? Many of you might not know, but before I was a Confidence Coach + Communications Expert, I was a jeweler.  Yep, made jewelry as a artist for over 14 years.  Actually I still do for a select few clients, but that is another story.  But it came to me today as I was picking out what earrings to wear, that … Continue reading

Why trusting your instincts is so IMPORTANT!!!

Hiya, just a little story of something that happened while getting my blood drawn today…. Waiting for my name to be called in the lab office, I can hear a new little one screaming his head off…scared and in pain.  For anyone with an emotional heart or kiddos, it hurts to hear it.  I personally wanted to go storming back there and tell that mama to hold or nurse her kiddo to help keep that child out of months of therapy!  Sweet God in Heaven.  Don’t you know that little one needs your comfort to know everything will be alright!!! … Continue reading

Why being out of alignment means out of Sync!

Not getting the results you want from your business?  Even with a coach?   Let me tell you why. It took me over a decade and a lot of money on coaches to come to one conclusion:  Not fulfilling my life purpose was keeping me from being the successful parent, business owner, mate, and friend that I wanted to be and more importantly who I know I was meant to be.  Who knew that my Spiritual purpose was not enough to get me on track, but I needed to be clear on who I was right now, what I wanted, … Continue reading

Mercury retrograde???

Hi All, Yes, Mercury is retrograde, have you heard of it?   Maybe, but if you have experienced a higher than normal volume of communication + mechanical break down IE missing emails, appointments, car battery dies, or losing stuff in the mail, then you are experiencing mercury in retrograde….so, what does this mean exactly? In a nut shell it reeks havoc with anything communication or mechanical because it is the planet governing communication…astrologyzone.com is a good resource. It goes direct on Friday, so no worries…just make sure to pay attention to the details…all the ducks in a row, and roll … Continue reading