Who is running your Business?

Tired of self sabotaging your business success?

It can really put a damper on you getting more clients, especially connecting with the ones you really want to work with + who need to work with YOU.

I often ask my clients this question…who is running your business?  Is it your gifts + talents, those things you are naturally good at + you would do for free?

Or is it your gremlins, that are keeping you small, self sabotaging, + not taking risks on your brilliant ideas?

So, who is it?  Your gifts or your gremlins?

Gifts or Gremlins running your business by Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Strategist

How can you tell?

If your gifts are running the show, you tend to:

  • trust your instincts
  • take action
  • are aware of what you are being pulled to do
  • know what is really yours to do, and what you need someone else to do
  • Feel brilliant + inspired

BUT if your gremlins are sabotaging you, then you tend to:

  • ignore your instincts
  • sit on your hands + do nothing
  • force or push yourself to do something you are NOT pulled to do
  • try to do everything by yourself
  • feel disconnected + disengaged

Feel familiar?  We have all been there.

So, why are you listening to your gremlins?  They are keeping you playing small, stuck, overwhelmed, and all stressed out.  Their purpose is to keep you status quo, and NOT grow.  Plus, they don’t play nice with your instincts, and will tell you they are wrong!

How do you shift from listening to the Gremlins to trusting the gifts?

  • Know what your gremlins really mean
  • Know how to leverage your gremlins to your advantage
  • learn how to take action + know your next steps with confidence

This is what I will be covering in detail in my next call ~ Here are the details + how to grab your seat:

Details:  Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Time: 10am CST, 11am EST, 8am PST

Location:  From the comfort of your own phone

YES! There will be a recording sent out, so grab your spot to make sure you get this great information that will help you change how you do business!

Grab your spot here:

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