Why your Marketing is NOT working!

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Great to have you here.  So, how is your marketing working for you?  Not so fun?  Not getting the results you really want?  A bunch of hard work when you really want to be working with clients?

Well, I here you.  Recently, this has been a big complaint from many of my clients, so you are not alone.

Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Strategist

Find out why your marketing efforts suck + how to change it

Listen while I’ll explain why it might not be working for you and how to shift what you are doing to create more money, more impact, + more fun!




If you would like personal help in finding out why YOUR marketing is not working, click the link below to get 15 minutes FREE with me + we’ll see what we can do together.


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Cristy Nix, Confidence Coach + Communications Expert

Heart Sync Group with Cristy Nix, Intuitive Business Strategist

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I'm Cristy Nix, Highly Intuitive Marketing Strategist for Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs meaning I teach you how to make money being you so you have a profitable biz + transform lives as you are meant to do. I am a certified Hand Analyst, Author, + offer 2 decades of experience as a Mom, Wife, + Purposeful Entrepreneur.

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