Taking the stairs


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 Have you ever found yourself in this position?

Damn, the elevator is out, so now you find yourself lugging all your baggage up the stairs…and it is NOT easy work, either.  But you do feel accomplished when you get to the top, which was your goal to begin with, right?  

If you are a purposeful entrepreneur, then your business is really not much different.

Elevator to success with Cristy Nix

Take the stairs in your business with intuitive business mentor, Cristy Nix

When it comes to building a business that is rooted in who you are at your core, then there is no elevator to the top….you have to walk your own particular path.  Following what someone else did is NOT going to get you the results you want.  They are not you.  

Oh, and no one who seems like they were an “overnight” success actually is.  This is just where they entered your awareness and came on the scene.  If you ask them, which I have interviewed plenty, they will tell you it has taken years to get to where they are…and they had to take the stairs.

So, is if your marketing efforts are falling flat, your clients are anything but ideal, or you feel like this business stuff is too damn hard, then I totally know what you mean.

Here are a few questions for you:

1.  Do you know how you WANT to work with your clients?

2. Is it how you work BEST with your clients?

3. Are you feeling like something in your business is out of sync with who you are?

4. Is your business running your life instead of the other way around?

5. are you finding it hard to trust yourself + are scare to take action?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then your business is out of alignment or sync with who you are at your core.  

The Solution ~ you need a 15% shift back into alignment.

Be thinking about what your ground floor looks like…Are you clear on your business foundation?  It is made up of key pieces that help guide you on your path + follow the direction you are heading to achieve the results you want.

They are:

  • Your Mission
  • Your Motivation
  • Your Ultimate result
  • Your Niche
  • + Trusting your Instincts!

If you are unclear about even one of these, then let’s chat and see why not.

So, if you are tired of spending money on ideas + coaching that hasn’t produced results, I hear you.  

In my 15 years as a purposeful entrepreneur, there can be quite a learning curve….but I have found the key is in knowing who you are, how you work best, and how to best put yourself out there….and it takes a long time to do it on your own.  So, get mentoring from someone who has been there + can help you leverage your Brilliance!

I hope this post has helped you with a place to start to get your business on tract + in sync with who you are.  Again, if you would like to chat, it’s free, just click here.

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Taking the stairs — 8 Comments

  1. Great post! We sure do need to remind ourselves that it took other people a while to get to the successful point they are at. We all have to pay our dues. I truly believe that doing it yourself makes you pay twice as many dues as you need to versus having someone who has taken the path to guide you and save you some time wasting mistakes! Coaches are worth it!

  2. It seems like everyone wants to rush straight up the mountain without preparation. No foundation; no knowledge; and not even stopping at base camp. We have to find our own way and be totally prepared for the climb.

    Thanks for the reminders regarding mission, motivation, using our intuition and so on. It really is our own journey and no one can do it for us.

  3. Yes to #3 and #4, and I’m currently making that 15% shift. It’s taking longer than I would like after creating a business that looked like what my friends have, but wan’t actually what I wanted.
    I have the tools and support and am making progress which fuels me to keep going. The biggest motivation though is moving away from what isn’t working and doesn’t feel right, toward what I truly want in my heart.

  4. Cristy, you rock. #5 is totally me! I’m in a place of chaos right now, and I can see that this isn’t the easiest time to get clarity, but I’m chugging along. And every. single. time. I interact with you, I get more of it! I really love your passion and YOUR clarity! Thank you for this great post. best, Angela

  5. Thank you so much for mentioning alignment. It is so important and such a tool for making work Work. This overnight success idea that is so ingrained in our culture is a real derailer and you nailed the importance of taking each step. Nicely done.

  6. I love that you point out that there is no easy ride elevator. I know so many entrepreneurs who are looking for the get rich, easy fix, ride on the pot-o-gold rainbow.

    Business doesn’t work like that. Clarity, passion and action are three “Steps” that can’t be ignored!

  7. I think the ‘net and all this media cultivates an instant gratification atmosphere. We see all these success stories and think it should happen overnight for us too, we don’t see the blood and sweat that goes into it.

  8. Sometimes the out-of-sync is only temporary. I’m working on a client project right now that I’m excited about in general BUT I have to work on my excitement levels when it’s time to actually DO the work. The subject matter is very heavy so I have to get myself in the right mind-set.

    I keep my eyes on the end and it really helps!