Running into communication + mechanical issues?

Hi All,

Yes, Mercury is retrograde, have you heard of it? Maybe, but if you have experienced a higher than normal volume of communication + mechanical break down IE missing emails, appointments, car battery dies, or losing stuff in the mail, then you are experiencing mercury in retrograde….so, what does this mean exactly?

In a nut shell it reeks havoc with anything communication or mechanical because it is the planet governing communication… is a good resource.

It goes direct on Friday, so no worries…just make sure to pay attention to the details…all the ducks in a row, and roll with things as they come up. This is the best way I find to deal with it.

Let me know what you have run into and what you have done to move through the craziness yourself.

With Grace + Ease,

Heart Sync Group, Intuitive Business Strategist

Heart Sync Group, Intuitive Business Strategist

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