Color Interpretations

*Note:  Take what resonates with you, and let go of the rest.

Not all characteristics pertain to all people for we are all unique!

~ RED ~

Force of Will. Energetic. Dependable, Grounded. Courageous. Survival Instincts. Aggressive. Physically Active and Competitive. Material Concerns. Passionate

~ PINK ~

Love, Joy, Gentle, Kind, New or Revived Romance


Creative, Outgoing, People Oriented, Sociable, Intense Emotions and Feelings,
Perceptive, Happy, Nurturing, Clairsentient, Sensual


Optimistic, Spontaneous, Cheerful, Curious, Adventurous, Intelligent,
Confident, Assertive, Ambitious, Analytical

~ GOLD ~

Unlimited Potential, Forgiveness, Goodwill, Abundance


Adaptable, Perseverant, Patient, Dedicated, High Ideals, Healer, Teacher, Time of growth or Change, 
Sense of Responsibility and Service, Giving, Loving

~ BLUE ~

Expressive, Receptive, Artistic, Clairaudient, inwardly Focused, Loyal, Non-competitive, Truthful,
Desires to Communicate, Compassionate, Seeks Time Alone


Clairvoyant, Visionary, Imaginative, Psychic, Seeker of Truth and Meaning to Life, Deeply Spiritual


Charming, Charismatic, Non-judgmental, Tolerant of Others, Unconventional, Divine Will, Claircognizant


Spiritually Motivated, Divine Energy, Unconcerned With Worldly Matters,
Channeling Ability, Purity, Guides, Angels, Departed Loved Ones

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